Opportunities for biomedical writers and editors are both vast and varied. We communicate scientific discoveries, clinical research, and healthcare information to an array of audiences – from professional organizations and regulatory agencies to patients and the general public. We work in hospitals, nonprofit agencies, foundations, research institutions, contract research organizations, medical education companies, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as in publishing, academia, government, and the media. Some of us work as employees, while others prefer to contract or freelance.

In each specialty field, medical writers and editors prepare particular types of documents:

  • Posters, abstracts, slide presentations, journal articles, continuing medical education (CME) courses, research reports, monographs, textbooks, and grant applications for scientists and physicians
  • Protocols, investigator brochures, consent forms, case report forms, clinical study reports, Investigational New Drug (IND) and New Drug Applications (NDA) as well as components of other regulatory documents required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international regulatory agencies
  • Feature articles, profiles, brochures, press releases, marketing collateral, newsletters, Web content, patient education materials, and multimedia presentations for lay audiences

Although successful medical writers come from many backgrounds, they share certain attributes:

  • Background in medicine or science, or a passion for either with a commitment to learning
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely for a specific audience
  • College degree in science, health science, pharmacy, medicine, journalism, or English
  • Logical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Intellectual curiosity

Finding Jobs

Members of AMWA’s New England Chapter automatically receive notification of selected job opportunities via E-news, the chapter’s e-mail newsletter, which is distributed every few weeks. These postings derive from a variety of sources – including recruiters, hiring managers, and human resources departments – and describe new freelance, contract, and full-time positions in the New England area. If your organization would like to post a position in E-news, please follow these submission guidelines. All postings will be edited for style and length.

The Jobs Online section of AMWA.org (the Web site of the national organization) also includes a nationwide database, which is searchable by categories and keywords. To access these job postings, log in with your user ID (last name) and password (membership number).

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